Self-Knowledge is Power

Psychotherapy works to provide clarity, hope, and self-awareness through a narrative learning process.  If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or sad, or feeling stuck in your career or your romantic life, or dealing with difficult family members or friends, or struggling with your relationship to food, or just having trouble identifying what’s wrong, talking can help you find clarity, anxiety and depression relief, and new pathways toward a more fulfilling life.

Diagnostic Clarity reached through clinical interviewing and psychological assessment provides direction toward a more complete understanding of yourself, allowing you to develop a stronger set of coping skills such as emotional literacy or enhanced executive functioning strategies.

Talking Can Change Your Life

I provide a safe, confidential environment in which you can talk about anything, and in which I will gently challenge you to examine the way you think and behave.  As you experience symptom relief, and understand yourself better, you are able to move in a new direction in your life, so that you can take action, gain control, and get more meaning, enjoyment, and peace of mind  in your life.

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